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Our most better Technology and Expertise in Incinerator Tech

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials. Incineration and other high-temperature waste treatment systems are described as "thermal treatment". Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into ash, flue gas and heat.

The Eco star incinerator offers a clean and convenient solution to all your refuse problems. Eco star incinerator is an Eco friendly waste destroyer. We offer a perfect solution for waste management.It is manufactured from mild steel ,Stainless and easy to assemble,the parts simply sleeve together, the Eco star incinerator with inside refractory.Designed for free burning waste it doesn’t need oil,gas or electric supplies.User friendly and easy to run. High efficiency at least cost with less maintenance.

Waste is manually ignited from the top through the loading door. The flames are fed with primary air from apertures in the grate, the inner combustion chamber and centrally through the air intake cone, stimulating and sustaining fierce primary combustion. Secondary air is drawn into the incinerator through the isolating space between the outer casing and the inner combustion chamber. This creates an intense secondary combustion for efficient destruction of smoke and gases. A third stage supply of air enters through the underside of the outer casing to complete the afterburning process.

Low Emission

Our Incinerators are designed to reduce emissions and capturing particulate matter resulting in low emmision.

Expert Made

Our team of engineers and technicians are experts in designing incinerators from design, development and production to installation.

Highest Quality

Our Incinerators are designed to operate in the most harsh conditions with few moving parts and minimal maintenance required,


Our Best moving Incinerators..


Domestic Model

5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg


Commercial Model

35 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 300 kg


Water Scrubber Model


Our Technology

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    Step 1

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Manufactured from mild steel ,Stainless and easy to assemble, the parts simply sleeve together, the ECO STAR incinerator withinside refractory

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    Step 2


    Incinerators are specifically designed to ensure high levels of heat inside the incinerators. The unique CORT (Controlled Oxygen Rotating Technology) coverts combustible solid wastes into pure ash within minutes while adhering to relevant emission standards set by environmental agencies.

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    Step 3

    Transition to Full Service

    The double layer insulation prevents thermal radiation and helps keep the equipment cool on the outside even when the waste is burned at very high temperatures inside. Only high quality steel is used for the chimney which can specifically withstand temperatures up to 1200 degree centigrades. The residue is pure ash which can be utilized as fertilizer or for manufacturing light-weight, high density bricks..

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    Step 4

    Phase Two Expansion

    The four layer thermal insulated chamber ensures normal atmospheric temperature on the outer surface even while the unit is operational. This ensures ease of use and safety for operators.THerefore,Ecostar Incinerators are completely safe and maintenance free .
    The well planned design helps you to further more increase the capacity as well as expand incinerator according to your need.

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